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Zen Spa Center


Dear Our Valued Guest,

We are committed to provide professional, elegant, and comfy spa treatments to our guests.

Our services include Facial & Body Treatments, Hands & Feet Care, Waxing Treatments and Day SPA Packages.

We are aimed at providing the highest standards skin care treatments to fulfilling your desire.

To leave our guests with the memory of a spectacular experience, we will do our best pampering you from head to heel and helping you to escape from the bustle and pressure of the city life.

Yours Faithfully,

Cindy Cheng

Spa Manager


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What does ISOTONIC mean?

The purest Spa Water is the basic essential of Zen Spa exclusive facial treatments. The thermal centre in Uriage, in a pretty, tree-covered dale, at 400 metres altitude close to Grenoble, is a haven of peace and greenery.
The town is a listed site rich in history, and enjoys a relaxing and moderate climate. The forest that surrounds the thermal centre provides a pollution-free environment. The fresh air is ideal for relaxing breaks and beneficial to health.

A few metres from the source in an ultra-modern production centre, the fragrance- and preservative-free spray is packaged at source in a sterile area, thereby preserving all of the Water’s natural riches and purity.

What does ISOTONIC mean?

Isotonic   A solution, such as Uriage Thermal Water is isotonic if its osmotic pressure, related to its molecular concentration, is the same as that of plasma.
Hypotonic   When water contains low concentrations of molecules, as do most thermal water, it is hypotonic. The cells swell up because of the water entering them (the phenomenon of turgescence).
Hypertonic   In contrast, sea water contains high levels of molecules (salts) and is therefore hypertonic. The cells shrink, because water flows out into the more concentrated solution (phenomenon of plasmolysis).
Isotonic   An isotonic solution sets up an "osmotic pressure" equilibrium within cells such as the plasma, which surrounds the red blood cells.